Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog-nesia (not.)

Ok, I have no progress to report on the Lavender chuppah (which I'm really starting to think should be called the Purple Chuppah). But lest you think I have blognesia and forgotten about the blog, I haven't. I just have gotten into a little procrastination area because it occurred to me that this chuppah might lend itself to some nice Hebrew embroidery--the only thing is that I haven't yet purchased the embroidery software that will allow me to embroider in Hebrew. Also, I haven't embroidered anything in over a year. So I need to Just Do It.

My plan is to get my embroidery unit checked out at the sewing machine store in the next week (I think something wonky is happening with it) and then purchase the software so that I can experiment with Hebrew. In the meantime, chuppah designs are dancing in my head and I may just start working on another chuppah top before the purple one is finished. Recently I read something about an Amish tradition (don't quote me on this) that supposedly a young woman would make 13 quilt tops, but not begin to quilt them until she was going to be married. So creating more chuppah tops can only bode well for love, right?


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