Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lavender Chai Chuppah

Here is the Lavender Chai Chuppah. "Chai" refers to the Hebrew letter in the center of the quilt (not to be confused with 'chai' the drink lol as my friend pointed out. Chai means life, and translates to a lucky number 18 (if you read the About Me section you'll see that Chai was the inspiration for this meshuggenah blog itself.).

This was a good excuse, btw, to set up a 'design wall' again (just a simple white sheet tacked to the wall so that I can get a good view of the work in progress, and attempt to take decent photos for you :))

Last I left off on this chuppah, I was trying to figure out the quilt design. I had started to quilt the outline of the Chai on the white center piece. The white fabric is silk, the periwinkle border beyond that is also silk, and the outer purple fabric is cotton.
The chai in the center was cut out from silk (I think) and then topped with an experimental blend of Angelina fibers topped with tulle. Angelina fibers are these very, very thin fibers that almost look like cotton candy, and when heated they melt and bond into a fiber with iridescent qualities. It's not quite as shiny as the photo suggests but it still has a magical (I think) effect.

Should I continue to echo the Chai quilting lines and if so, extend them beyond the white area? Or maybe some free motion or flowy quilting would be nice on the purple areas....any ideas??


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