Saturday, July 9, 2011

You Are Here

Despite my love for all things handmade chuppah, I’ve noticed a little bit (ok more than a little bit) of foot-dragging and procrastination in between moments of inspiration. Even though I’ve rolled my eyes a little when it has seemed like everyone has a blog, here I am. I’m kind of curious to see what happens when I have a goal to make more chuppahs. I came up with the number 18 (“chai”) because it’s a lucky number in Judaism that means life. I know, I know, I wish we had a luckier number that was a little smaller.


  1. Your work is stunning and so is your writing. I love this blog for many reasons, but I particularly like that you remind me even the super talented have issues with procrastination. I think your blog will inspire yourself and many others to spurn on during those times when we have a dream but don't feel up to the challenge of meeting our self-imposed goals. I know it will inspire me; it already has!

  2. @MangosmommyThank you! You get a balloon for being the first to join and comment. You're inspiring yourself!