Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chuppah Revival

Ok, it's been a 'while' since I posted. Fast forward to now. I'd like to tell you that I completed 18 chuppahs by now but, it's more like two.

However, the big chuppah news of 2013 was that I designed a new chuppah for a very auspicious deadline (I mean, occasion)--my first booth at the 19th annual Boulder Jewish Festival (and did I mention my first booth, ever?)
     That's right, as many may not know (including pedestrians that happened upon the fresh-air festival by accident), Boulder, CO has an annual Jewish Festival that takes place on the famed, pedestrian-only Pearl Street Mall--the very heart of downtown. And on that day, culture, music, falafel, community, members of the Tribe and the Boulder public wonderfully collide.
     Full disclosure: This was not the first time I vowed to have a table at the fest (it was the second), but it was the first time I actually made it there with chuppahs in tow.
     I was so nervous. Would I  be able to hang the chuppahs up by myself, and would they stay clean all day? (Yes, with a little help from a great festival volunteer, and yes.) It really was a great experience with so many friendly people wandering into my tent for a closer look at these one-of-a-kind chuppahs. It was just as wonderful introducing chuppahs to those who had never even heard of them before.

Many people gravitated towards the Spiral Chuppah...

Here is the completed, quilted Lavender Chai Chuppah I had mentioned in a prior post.

Here's a close-up of a coordinating purple break-the-glass bag I made utilizing machine embroidery. I almost sold a few but had no credit card machine. My sister mentioned that the bride and groom can also use these to collect gifts at the wedding, too. Great idea!

One of my favorite things was a miniature chuppah stand I made for the fest...I can't take complete credit as I got the cute idea from another quilter :)

And here is the newest chuppah. Inspiration struck for this 'under the chuppah' chuppah when I found the royal blue silk at a local fabric shop, Elfriede's. I'll tell you all about it in the next post.


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