Monday, January 20, 2014

Handmade Business Cards

I thought I'd show you the business cards I made for the festival last summer. It was a good excuse to have some.
     I've purchased business cards in the past, but since these cards were for a more artsy endeavor, I spent a little time looking online for ideas. I found some helpful advice: If your business is handmade art, don't settle for cookie-cutter business cards (well, maybe unless you need thousands...but let's cross that bridge when we come to it.)
     After all, your business card is like a first impression--and if your creations are unique, why shouldn't your calling card be the same? I found inspiration from crafty people who incorporated fabric and/or stitching here and here.
     I made my cards from the following materials:
  • card stock
  • fabric (an assortment)
  • big glue stick
  • printable fabric paper (or plain old printer paper)
  • tulle
  • thread

     I used a ready-made business card as a template, and traced it onto the card stock and fabric. I glued the fabric onto each business card and then machine stitched around the card; for some, I also machine stitched a second time after adding the paper that contained the text. (I had some concerns about the ink not being water proof but the results were so pretty I didn't worry much about it.)
    At some point I got the idea to add a layer of tulle (seemed very wedding appropriate), and added that on top of the background fabric before the first round of stitching. If you click on the image above you can take a closer look at the tulle.
     Everyone seems to love the cards. The only thing is, they are a *little* specific ("Chuppah Artist" rather than, for example, "Custom Quilts"), so next time, I would probably create a few different versions depending on my audience. Also, in the future I'll add a website where people can see images of my work. Stay tuned!


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