Sunday, June 22, 2014

What's Blogging Got to Do with it?

Well, blogging brings me back to my creative self. Last Saturday I did go to a cool fabric dyeing workshop. There was just one teeny problem--literally three minutes after arrival at the mountainside home of the teacher, I promptly threw out my back and was only able to move at a snail's pace. I couldn't help but be disappointed that I wasn't as prolific as the other students (or that I didn't have 7 yards of dyed fabric to take home as the class description promised; all I had was 8 or 9 fat quarters). Silver lining: low expectations! I was pleased at what I did create.

Other highlights of the day:
- Learning shibori dyeing techniques (and about snow dyeing--can't wait to try that!)
- Being around creative quilters
- Realizing I had unrealistic expectations of the teacher--she was just human, was a generous teacher, and while I had wanted more fabric to take home, it was mostly because the class was a bit pricey for me. And in turn, realizing that should I ever attempt to lead a workshop, it (and I), need not be perfect, either.

A week on, my back is still getting 'back' to normal, but I am grateful for not having to ice it all the time, and for being able to once again walk around the nearby lakes.

Lower back pain, someone reminded me lately, means you're not getting enough support in your life. So it's been a time of remembering to stop, breathe, (support me), and envision good things to come.